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Classroom vs Distance Education

What is the diffarance between

Classroom Education vs Distance



This article lets you know about the distance leaning and also about the classroom education vs distance learning.

About Classroom Education vs Distance Education

Since the discovery of internet, there has always been a tug of war between Classroom Education vs Distance Education. Distance education programs.includes learning from home that is  e-learning, correspondence courses etc. It is a form of education system where the teacher and students are separated by a considerable space. Whereas, classroom education is the traditional form of education system in which student and the teacher are under the same roof.Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here comes the choice between Classroom Education vs Distance Education. Also the choice of education system highly depends on the needs and requirements of an individual.


Distance education programs have a much greater scope in terms of the knowledge and information and which is not confined to the teacher. Along with saving time and money, a student gets the flexibility of studying in an environment that is most comfortable to him/her. A student gets to study and learn at his/her pace and can give more time to the subjects which are difficult. Also with the advancement in the mobile technology, students can access to the study materials such as online library, online tests, chat with professors, quizzes etc at anytime. Distance education has disadvantages such as absence of teacher which makes the learning process completely independent. Also the aspect of social interaction goes missing in it. Distance education fails to add all those facets to the personality of a student that a class room education can. Also there is lack of personal evaluation of a student in terms of behavior, language etc. which can happen only in classroom. Distance education programs are of much help when people undergoing program are directly or indirectly indulged in a job.


Classroom education provides wide exposure in terms of overall growth of a student by providing facilities such as play ground, variety of subjects,interaction with new people, etc. Classroom provides an atmosphere wherein one gets to be a team player as well as team leader during different group activities such as group study, presentations and brain storming sessions. This helps in building confidence and making oneself more able when one steps onto the professional world. Class room education also has its drawbacks such as restricted syllabus that limits the scope of learning also the rigid structure of class education system which builds peer pressure and can add to the stress level. Also it is expensive in terms of time and money as compared to distance learning which becomes its limiting factor.


So, to conclude, a good education system would be a blended learning system of education which incorporates the aspects of both Distance education programs and classroom learning along with working on minimizing their drawbacks.Depending upon the situation, an individual can opt between the two.

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Infographics Log :: - 10/09/2018
Both comes with advantages and disadvantages, distance education is less preferred option by students in India. Very well written, thank for sharing.

Naresh Patel :: - 09/22/2018
There has always been a huge confusion about choosing the type of mba education program. While some people have time to do the regular one but distance education mba is more beneficial as it gives you the flexibility of using your time in the way you want to. This article is really useful for people like me who are seeing information for higher studies.

S.K :: - 02/13/2017
nice article keep up :)

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