Essential Skills to Write a Blog

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Essential Skills to Write a Blog

The word 'blog' comes from the combination of "web" and "log" or "weblog," which initially started in the 1990s as an online diary.  Eventually the term was shortened to "blog".

Blog is the combination of information which anybody want to share with the global public with the help of particular website.

The person who writes a blog is called "Blogger".

To write a good blog a person needs various skills :



1. Content Writing Skills

Without writing engaging, helpful and unique content, you can NEVER build a profitable blog. That’s why it’s so essential to become a good writer. Write every single day (either offline or online)

2. CSS and HTML Skills 

you should definitely learn about the basic HTML coding such as image interlinking, adding alt tags, including headlines in h1 or h2 tags etc.

Knowing the basics of each will be the difference between joining the crowd and creating a site that will be allow you to present your business in a unique manner. 

3. Networking Skills 

Not only networking helps you connect with thousands of bloggers but it also opens the doors for you to boost your website’s traffic and sales. You can choose Social Networkking websites linking with your Blog to promote the blog in targeted audiance.

4. Photo Editing Skills

An image is wroth a thousand words. We all know images go viral especially on social media.

Using images in your blog posts is the surefire way to increase your overall search rankings.

While most blogs are text-heavy, you may wish to incorporate an image or images. The image may be a logo of your business, or one that’s appropriate to specific blog postings. You will need to understand how to edit these images in terms of  cropping,resizing, reformatting and other simple tasks. You will not need to understand Adobe InDesign or Photoshop as the editing software is part of the tool bar of most blog hosting platforms.

Photo editing skills is one of the must have blogging skills you should acquire if you want to give a visual treat to your blog audience.

5. Marketing Skills

Here are few simple yet most incredible tips to improve your marketing skills as a blogger.

Connect with the influencers in your niche. Get to them. Promote their stuff. Think about various ways to let them promote your content and products. If an expert recommends you, it can skyrocket your blog’s traffic and sales almost instantly.

Read more books, especially marketing, psychology and business related. They can give you better ideas on what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

Don’t take it heart when you get rejected. It’s all common while marketing. Don’t step back when no one is showing interest in buying your products or hiring you for your services. Analyze the reasons behind them and bounce back. That’s how you become a top marketer in any field.

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