How to filter email Spam

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How to filter email Spam

Unsolicited commercial / bulk e-mail also known as spam, become a big trouble over the internet. Spam is waste of time, storage space and communication bandwidth. Automatic e-mail filtering seems to be the most effective method for countering spam at the moment and a tight competition between spammers and spam-filtering methods is going on.

there is a various methods to filtering the spam first one we have is MACHINE LEARNING IN E-MAIL this filtering methodmakes machines able to learn like human. Learning here means understood, observe and represent information about some statistical phenomenon. In e-mail filtering task some features could be the bag of words or the subjectline analysis.the e-mail classification phase of the process finds the actual mapping between


training. the second method of filtering spam email is Naïve Bayes classifier this technique can be used toclassify spam e-mails; words probabilities play the main rule here. If some words occur often in spam but not in ham, then this incoming e-mail is probably spam.

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