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Website Push Notification

push notification is a message that is "pushed" from backend server or application to user interface.Push notification is usually used for the applications to bring information to the user for their attention.

Type of push notification

Push notification is mainly divided into 2 approaches.

  • Local notification
  • Remote notification

For local notification the application schedules the notification into local device's OS, alternatively, set as a timer in the application itself if it is able to continuously running at the backend, and when the time of the events comes or the programmed condition of event is met, display the message in front of the application's user interface. For remote notification it is usually handled by remote server. Under this scenario the client application needs to be registered on the server with a unique key e.g.: UUID, and the server fires the message against the unique key to deliver the message to the client application via client/server agreed protocol such as HTTP, and then the client displays the message received.

Approach of push notification

The push notification could display in various ways:

  • Banner on the top the screen
  • A Pop up "bubble" from the button task bar
  • A dialog box that interrupts and blocks the view of the front running application

A typical notification usually contains:

  • Title
  • Message details

It could also contain the following:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Website link
  • Other document attachment (Such as .txt file)

While push notification comes, it may also play alert sounds to attract user's attention.

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